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Nigerian Field Society

Trip to: Kano and Katsina

Date: 22.09. - 26.09.2015

Trip Organisers: Paulette van Trier

Trip Report: Sanne Steemers


All states of Nigeria have a nickname that celebrates its unique assets. These nicknames are widely used when comparing cities and states, and are proudly displayed on license plates. Having experienced a few states earlier and recently, I recognize the context in which these names were given.

Last week I had the opportunity to explore the North of Nigeria.

Indeed the business hub of Northern Nigeria. Even stronger than in most other places in Nigeria, people explore commercial connections whenever they meet. The first person I met referred an assignment to me. A beautiful city and state, full of markets and action.

Preserving it’s history but very much aware of recent developments. Unfortunately and unfairly avoided by many business and tourist travellers for its reputation, Kano has a lot to offer! Wonderful architecture and geometric patterns. The Hausa eternal knot is visible in many buildings. A lovely base when visiting the North. Traveling with a long term resident of Kano and friend of the emir, I had the honour to visit the palace. It’s illustrative of the mix of heritage and modernity: a new building in traditional style, colourful, with DSTV and an ATM inside.

Kano reminded me of Burkina Faso in a number of ways. And yet I am happy to find a Nigerian spirit. The state combines a few of the things I like about different places in Africa. I will go back.


Read the full report with pictures here.



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