Ile Ife report 2010-2011


Membership of the Ile-Ife Branch is largely drawn from the university community. Financial membership of the Branch at the last count was fourty-two. During the past year there was a change in the executive committee, the new executives are:

Prof. A.O. Isichei   - Chairman
Stephen Folárànmí   - Secretary
Arc. (Mrs.) C.O. Òsásonà  - Vice Chairperson
Dr. S.O. Òké    - Programme Officer
Mr. A.I. Aduwo    - Membership Secretary
Dr. (Mrs.) C.C. Adéyemí   - Treasurer
Dr. A.M. Mákindé   - Financial Secretary
Olúségun Ajíbóyè   - Ass. Secretary
The Ile-Ife Branch organized a number of activities between May 2010 and May 2011. Executive and general meetings/events were held on a monthly basis. While the executives met on the first Thursday of every month, the general meetings/events took place on the second Wednesday of the month. Lectures and presentation were given by members and other invited speakers. A summary of the events are listed below.
A lecture organized by the Branch of the Society titled “The indomitable Cockroach” was delivered by a member Prof. B.A. Matanmi on 1st September, 2010 at Room G17, Department of Botany
General meeting / event on Thursday 13th October, 2010 and hosted in the beautiful garden home of Prof. and Mrs. J.R.O. Ojo on Mukoro road, Ile-Ife. The Lecture on …… was delivered by Arch. (Mrs.) C.O. Osasona, the Vice Chairperson of the Branch.
On Wednesday, 10th November, 2010 at Room G17, Department Botany a lecture organized by the Branch titled “Acid Rain” was given by Prof. I.F. Adeniyi the National President of the Society.
In December, the branch organized a end of year get-together and also a lecture titled ‘The Impact of Limestone Quarrying on the Vegetation of Ewekoro Cement Factory Site, Nigeria’ delivered by Dr. S.O. Òké, of the Department of Botany, O.A.U, and the  Programme Officer of the Branch. The event rounded up the series of programmes for 2010.
Encomium and Funeral Service for Prof Agbo Folárìn
In October 2010, the sad news of the sudden death of one of the founding member of the Branch was received with shock. The burial ceremony for late Prof Agbo Folárìn took place on the Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd January, 2011. On Friday 21st the Department of Fine and Applied Arts of the O.A.U., organized a well attended Encomium day for the Late Erudite Professor at the Oduduwa Hall. In attendance were many members of the University community, the family of the late Professor and members of the Society. A tribute was read on behalf of the NFS by the Chairman of the Branch, Prof Isichei. The funeral service held at Ibadan rounded off the event with interment at his residence. Members from Ile-Ife and Ibadan branch were also in attendance. During the Ife programme, the Family announced that the entire Library of the late Prof had been donated to the Department of Fine & Applied Arts.
The year 2011 started with the monthly event / programme of the Society held on Wednesday 9th February, 2011 with a Lecture titled “O.A.U. Campus Vegetation: Current Uses, Future Prospects” delivered by the Chairman of the Branch, Prof. A. O. Isichei.

On Wednesday, 13th of April 2011, the Second event for the year was an organized lecture titled “Impact Assessment of Patronage of Tourism Sites on The Built Environment Of Obáfémi Awólówò University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria” delivered by Dr. Femi Omisore’s a member of the Branch from the Department of Urban and Regional Planning.

More programmes and trips are also slated for the rest of 2011. The Society will celebrate the 2011 World Environment Day with a planned lecture and tree planting ceremony.
Stephen Folárànmí
Branch Secretary
 NFS Prof Adeniyi 2010
Professor I.F. Adeniyi delivering his lecture Acid Rain. Photo by Stephen Folárànmí, 2010
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