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Nigerian Field Society

                                            THE NIGERIAN FIELD SOCIETY

                                                      A.B.M. 12 MARCH 2005


                                                            Hosted by Council

                     at Drapers= Hall, Institute of African Studies, University of Ibadan

1 Attendance

1.1 Members of Council

Oyelola, Engr. N.O., President and Chairman of Council

Ojo, Lucas O., Vice President

Van Trier, Mr. Wil, Vice President

Oyelola, Dr. (Mrs.) P., Editor

Jayeola, Dr. A.A., Business Manager

Kenny, Fr. Prof. Joseph, Secretary

1.02 Abeokuta Branch

Amira, Mr. J.O.

Dipedu, Dr. Adewale

Fatokun, J.O. (Secretary)

Lawal, Mr. A.A.

Oyatugun, Mr. M.O.O.

Owoborude, Mrs. E.

Smith, Dr. O.F.


1.03 Asaba Branch

Otiteh, Rebecca A.


1.04 Benin Branch

Basil, Dr. Maxwell

Ekunwe, Barr. Z.

Ero, Dr. I.I.

Idaewor, Chief Emoisiogbai

Ikhatua, Prof. U.J.

Ikhatua, Dr. (Mrs.)

Kalu, C.

Obazee, Mr. M.E.

Oguzie, Dr. F.A.

Okoro, Dr.  S.P.A.

Okoro, Dr  Mrs. F.I.

Onochie, Miss L.E.

Osoigboro, Mrs. T.U.


1.05 Ibadan Branch

Adesope, A.A.A.

Adeyinka, Adewale

Ajao, C.A.

Bankoke, C.W.

Ekpo, Dr. E.N.

Erakhrumen, Andrew A.

Esimekhuai, Donatus

Faremi, I.B.

Layiwola, Prof. O.O.

Morakinyo, Eng. John

Ojo, M.O.

Okali, Prof. D.U.U.

Olagunju, L.J.

Usman, J.M.


1.06 Ife Branch

Adeniyi, Dr. I.F. (Secretary)

Ademuleya, Dr. B.

Adeyemi, Dr. C.C.

Folaranmi, Mr. Stephen

Odu, Prof. E.A. (Chairman)


1.07 Lagos Branch

Van Trier, Paulette

Warren, Robert

  1. 2. The opening ceremony began at 12:00 A.M., under the chairmanship of Engr. N.O. Oyelola. The proposed agenda was accepted, after being moved by Dr. A.A. Jayeola and seconded by Stephen Folaranmi.
  2. 3. The President read his opening address.
  3. 4. Apologies for absence: J.R. Ojo, Mrs. Osasona and Prof. Isichei from the Benin Branch, Steve Odidi from the Ibadan Branch, and A.A. Amabode and A.M.A. Sotuyo from the Abeokuta Branch.
  4. 5. The minutes of the Benin 2004 ABM:

5.1 Adoption of the corrected minutes was accepted, after being moved by Adewale Adeyinka and seconded by A.A.A. Adesope.

5.2 Matters arising:

5.2.1    The Frank Bridges Prize.  The contest was conducted and the prizes awarded.

5.2.1    The Oseni prize.  Dr. Jayeola set the topic for the 2005 competition: AThe advantages and limitations of the indigenous methods of plant conservation in Nigeria.@  This has yet to be advertized.  In the meantime, te prize for the 2003/04 competition is yet to be awarded to the minner, Tajudeen Amusa.

5.2.3    We are grateful for the continued financial and technical support of the Lagos Branch, and the web master, Mario Plata, for keeping the website running and updated. Material has been posted on the pages of Council, the Journal, and Abeokuta, Benin, Ibadan, Lagos and U.K. Branches.  We hope for further development of the site, and encourage the Branches to send information and photos by e-mail to the web master.

5.2.4    The Society=s Handbook: Copies were made available at the A.B.M. for 100 each.

5.2.5    The 2004 ABM accepted Council=s recommendation that the Society continue with the name AThe Nigerian Field Society@, with a note Aregistered as >The Field Society of Nigeria=@.  The certificate itself and other relevant documents have been retrieved from the lawyer, Akeem Agbaje.  At the 2004 ABM Barrister Zena Ekunwe, of the Benin Branch, volunteered to pursue the case of changing the registered name.  She has been able to ascertain that the name can be changed, but that the Commission for Corporate Affairs would charge 150,000.  The matter was left for Council to pursue.

  1. 6. 2003 Annual Reports:

6.1 The Honorary Secretary=s report: The report was accepted, after being moved by Prof. J.K. Layiwola and seconded by Dupe Ladipo.

6.2 The Treasurer=s report: The report was accepted, after motion by M. Usman, seconded by Chris Bankole.  At the time of the report, Benin had paid for 9 members, Asaba 1, Ibadan 10, Ife 60, Abeokuta 10.

A motion that the price annual dues to the Society for the Journal be raised from 500 to 600 was accepted, after a motion by Prof. Layiwola, seconded by Lucas Ojo.

6.3 Editor=s report: It was accepted, after being moved by Dr. O.F. Smith and Dr. B. Ademuleya.

6.4 Reports from the Abeokuta, Benin, Ibadan, Ife and Lagos Branches were accepted without reading, to save time.

  1. 7. The venue for the next A.B.M. (2006): The Abeokuta Branch accepted to host next year=s A.B.M.
  2. 8. The proposal of the President, in his opening address, for a change in the Constitution 12 (d) was moved by Engr. Morakinyo and seconded by.... The two sentences of the motion were voted on separately, the first carrying by 42 affirmative and no negative votes (with some abstentions), the second carrying by 34 affirmative and 2 negative (with some abstentions).  The number now reads:

AThe Nigerian Field Society shall have a Board of not less than five (5) and not more than seven (7) Trustees elected at the ABM from among its members.  They shall hold office for a period of seven (7) years.@

  1. 9. The House accepted the U.K. Branch=s nomination of Dr. Joyce Lowe as Vice President. It was clarified that she is to finish Paul Tuley=s term, at the end of which all the Vice President offices are to be filled.
  1. 10. The House selected Chief Emosioghbai Idaewor to conduct elections. The House elected Professor D.U.U. Okali as President, and returned unopposed the Secretary (Fr. Prof. Joseph Kenny, O.P.), Treasurer (Dr. Dupe Ladipo), and Business Manager (Dr. A.A. Jayeola).
  2. 8. A.O.B.
  3. 10. Adjournment: Accepted after being moved by Dr. S.P.A. Okoro and seconded by..... at 3:00 P.M.


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