The Nigeria Field Society

The Mission of the NFS

* To encourage interest in and knowledge of the fauna, flora, history, legends and customs, arts and crafts, sciences, sports and pastimes of West Africa in general and Nigeria in particular;
* To support their conservation;
* To co-operate with organizations with similar interests.

Each Branch of the NFS forms a Committee and operates programs which are consistent with the Mission and rules of the National organization

Welcome to Nigerian Field.

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Welcome Address by the President of NFS

On behalf of the Council and the entire Nigerian Field Society (NFS) membership, I warmly welcome you to the fold of the Society, the oldest and clearly one of the foremost societies/organizations on environment in West Africa. Founded in 1930, the Society is dedicated primarily to creating awareness and promoting interest on all aspects of physical and human environment in West Africa in general, and Nigeria in particular. Most notable among these numerous and varied interests are: Arts and crafts, Culture and Tradition, Architecture and habitat, /Archaeology and History of the people, and the Flora and Fauna of the physical environment.

The lofty visions and missions of the founders of the Society remain enduring and applicable today as ever. The flagship of the Society, the Nigerian Field (NF) which has published consistently since 1931 is a gold mine of information on the Nigerian environment. I am sure that your membership will afford you the opportunities to know more, learn further, connect and contribute to our shared heritage through your local branch. We are happy and excited to heartily welcome you to NFS and to wish you a fulfilling experience ahead.

Prof. Israel F. Adeniyi FZSN
President and Chairman of Council, NFS