Dr. Michael Usman

Business Manager

I’m a native of Okene local government of Kogi State, Nigeria. Born on June 16, 1967, I attended Ukilekpe Primary School, Lampese, Edo State for my primary school living certificate, Ekpese College, Lampese, Edo State. I went further to get a Bachelor’s Degree in Agricultural Economics (1990) and Master’s degree in 2003 at the University of Ibadan, my PhD is in view at Olabisi Onabanjo University, Yewa campus. I’m a Senior Lecturer at Federal College of Forestry, Ibadan.

          I enjoy singing and listening to good music, especially cool music with slow rhythm, I love reading books, traveling and making friends. I have always put considerable energy and enthusiasm into any and all of my activities believing that is the only way to achieve worthwhile results.

I am a member of learned professional societies that includes, Forestry Association of Nigeria (FAN), Nigerian Field Society as the Ibadan branch secretary and business manager, Strategic Institute of Natural Resources and Human development (fellow), National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria, etc.

          I have taught a number of courses that include Farm management, Research Methodology, Macro-economics, Entrepreneurship development, Agricultural Marketing, Statistics and field experiment, etc.

A few of my commissioned projects include, economics analysis of mushroom production in Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria, use of information and communication technology by farmers in Irewole Local Governmnt Area, Osun state, Nigeria,  marketing analysis of bambara nut in Ibadan municipality, Nigeria, economic analysis of quail production in Ibadan, Nigeria, determinants of sales revenue to telfaria occidentalis marketing in Ibadan, Nigeria, marketing structure and perormance of ocimum gratissimum in selected markets in Ibadan metropolis, etc.

          For community service, I have served as the Head of Department of Agric Extension and Management Federal College of Forestry from 2020 to 2022, Editorial Board Member of FRIN publications from 2011 to 2o16, Research Sub-Committee member, Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria, and a lot more.

Some of my research pulications include:

Famuyide O.O., Bagarawa, A.P., Owonubi, J.J. and Usman J.M (2019): Funding       of Forestry Sector in Nigeria Between 1999-2004. In: Issues of the Nigerian Forestry: Some Basic Concepts of Forest Economics and Policy, Famuyide, O.O. International Publishers Limited, Ibadan. ISBN 078-978-53984-6-5. Pp. 3-14.

  Adebisi-Adelani, O., Ibe, R.B., Olajide-Taiwo, L.O., Amao, I.O., Olajide-Taiwo, F.B. and Usman, J.M. (2010): Socio-Economic Factors Influencing Awareness and use of Organic Farming Practices by Horticultural Farmers in Oyo State, Nigeri.  Continental Journal of Agricultural Economics 4:32-38. Publishers: Publishers: Wilolud Journals

Aboderin O.O., Ekpo, E.N., Dania V., Akoun J and Usman J.M.(2011): Effect of      Different Supplements on Sawdust for the Cultivation of Pleurotus Florida (Jacq.er.fr.)    (Kummer).Journal of Forestry Research and Management. 8:9-16. Publishers: Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria, Ibadan

Usman, J.M., Adeoye, I.B. and Adebisi-Adelani, O.(2011): Marketing Structure and Performance of Ocimum gratissimum In Slected Markets in Ibadan Metropolis. Advances in Agriculture, Sciences and Engineering Research. 1 (2): 40-46. Publishers: Science Education Development Institute.


Usman J.M., Elesho, R.O. and Owonubi, E.O. (2016): Marketing Analysis of Sweet Orange (Citrus sinensis L. OSBECK) in Ibadan Metropolis, Oyo State, Nigeria. Comparative Journal of Education Research and Sciences. 2(3)1-7. Publishers: Comparative Journals.