About us

Our Mission

The Nigerian Field Society (NFS) is a national organization founded in 1930 with branches in several cities across the country. There have been active branches in as many as 20 cities over the years but, as the NFS is entirely a voluntary organization, branches come and go depending on local interest and volunteer commitment.

The first edition of NFS’s publication, The Nigerian Field, was published in 1931. This journal still continues and is one Nigeria’s oldest continuous publications.

The Mission of the NFS is:

* To encourage interest in and knowledge of the fauna, flora, history, legends and customs, arts and crafts, sciences, sports and pastimes of West Africa in general and Nigeria in particular;
* To support their conservation;
* To co-operate with organizations with similar interests.

Each branch of the NFS forms a committee and operates programs which are consistent with the mission and rules of the national organization.

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